Portage High School

Class of 1964

Classmates Plus

The beginnings of the class of "64" began eons ago in such places as Lake Center Elementary, Pershing Elementary, Milham Elementary, and Old Central Elementary Schools.  Some of our classmates also joined the Roundup posse from Waylee Elementary or Ramona Lane Elementary, while others passed through Portage Junior High or merged with the herd at Portage Senior High.  Along the way though, some of our classmates left us for other pastures and different trails.  Those classmates are listed here.

Take a moment to remember times gone by and classmates who were at one time part of the big corral of Mustangs!  These "extended classmates" are listed here.  Deceased "extended classmates" are listed in bold, red font.  They do not appear in the Memorial section.


Classmates Plus

Adams, Kathy

Armstrong, Kay

Baldwin, Marlene

Bannister, Betty

Bare, Ronald

Bastien, Betsy (Leet)

Belanger, Jonette

Biron, Kim

Bixler, Jim

Boers, Lois

Burris, Cheryl

Cline, Mike

Cook, Barb

Cook, Terry

Cook, William

Cooley, Duane

Cooper, Mike

Courtney, Leon

Craft, Nyla

Craig, Judy

Crofoot, David

Curtis, Larry

Davenport, Bob

Doherty, Wanda

Dorbin, Julie

Doyle, Mike

Due, Bob

Dyer, Diane

Dykegraff, Donna

Field, Donna

Field, Judy

Fish, Jerry

Fries, Pam (Kennedy)

Garvelink, Frank

Gauthier, Don

Gest, Glenna

Giambione, Joeen

Goldman, Roberta

Gould, Loren

Haring, Nancy

Heathouse, Harry

Heckman, Gary

Helmer, Kathy

Hensley, Doug

Hollingsworth, Jim

Jacobs, Jim

Jarsma, Alicia

Kellogg, Gloria

Kirk, Larry

Kizer, Stan

Leatherdale, Kathy

Lesman, Larry

Lopez, Chely

Manuel, Pat

Martin, Barb

Mattson, Dick

McGuire, Dave

Mead, Pat

Mearing, Susan

Meyers, Mike

Miller, Helen

Miley, Howard

Mohney, Kay

Morey, Tom

Morten, Bob

Moses, Nylene

Ockerman, Judy

Olivarri, Jim

Owen, Larry

Owen, Maureen

Paul, Nancy

Perjesi, Kal

Pierce, Larry

Plathow, Dennis

Plummer, Pam

Price, Bill

Purk, Leroy

Rabb, Clarence

Raker, Robert

Ramirez, Ana

Rawlinson, Don

Reynolds, Diana

Rhinehart, Karen

Richmond, Sue

Rogers, Nancy

Root, Linda

Rynd, Sandy

Sagik, Steve

Samis, Darryl

Shay, Nancy

Shelgren, Mary Beth

Sherfield, Gary

Shoup, Suzanne

Sibley, Jim

Smith, Shari

Snyder, Marlene

Stromoski, Karen

Tanner, Kathy (Fuss)

Taylor, Ray

Thea, Steve

Tindall, Phil

Triesenberg, Victor

Truax, Nancy

Volenski, Judy

Weeks, Dan

Wessels, Jerri

Wildman, Phyllis

Wilkens, Ruth

Winn, Jim

Wiswell, Maude

Woodall, Mary

Worley, Carol

Wormbrand, Ron

Yarbrough, Fay

Yetter, Fred