Portage High School

Class of 1964


Designing a website can be a bit of a chore and a huge undertaking.  In the beginning concepts are dreamt, and in the end designs come alive.  Between them are consultations and collaborations, and all the grunt work of getting the content you see off the pages and onto the screen.  Scanning, programming, layout, design...all of it behind the scenes.  Aside from the actual design there is an immense amount of research that goes into the creation of any site...but particularly so for one in which the content exceeds a half century.  From registration and hosting to administration to and maintenance; from permissions and approvals to every monetary donation.  The virtual home of the PHS Class of 1964 salutes you for your contribution.

Many people contributed to the shaping and creation of this site, and this is the place where we commend them and acknowledge their contribution.  If you wish to contribute to your website and be acknowledged as a contributor, then please go to the Contact page and send a small donation to help defray the costs of keeping this website active!

Below is a listing of the persons and businesses who contributed to this website either in its design and development or in a pecuniary fashion.  Huge thanks to all who contributed in any way!  PLEASE NOTE: SINCE THE SITE IS PREPAID THROUGH JULY 2019, NO FURTHER DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JULY 2014.

Acknowledging development contributors...



Bill and Pam Kennedy classmate information and yearbooks
Jeff Carew website design and maintenance
Kent White school photos and information
Eric Alburtus yearbook photo copyright permission
John Todd Aerial Photography photographer (deceased)
Steve Rossio aerial photo copyright permission
Kyle Herm web link reciprocity and information
Portage Public Library archival and historical records
Wikipedia historical information and accuracy
Todd Reynolds (Galesburg-Augusta) other classmate photos

Acknowledging financial contributors...

Bill and Pam Kennedy
Barb Mendham Sabia
Chuck and Kay Sowles
Dennis Field
Judy Todd Wood
Phil Sheldon
Tom Equin (VanderWeele)
Jean Ferris Snow
Laurie Whitledge LeClear