Portage High School

Class of 1964


Welcome fellow Mustangs!  If you're looking for Michigan's Portage High School Class of 1964, then you're at the right spot.  It's been a long time!  With the impending 50-year reunion, a website seemed like a splendid way to reconnect with the long lost and to put the word out for upcoming events and contact information.  See the Calendar page for planned events or to organize your own, and the Links page to see who else is revisiting days of old.

Some of us have kept in touch, or reconnected at some point, throughout the past 45 years, but most of us haven't.  Visit the Classmates page to find those from your graduating class.  Visit the Classmate Plus page to find a friend who still identifies with Portage High, but who may have moved and/or transferred before graduation.  Our hearts are with those who are able to be with us only in memory.  A virtual cenotaph for those classmates is part of this site on the Memorial page.  For the rest of you, please peruse the website and enjoy.

Surf the site and enjoy a blast from the past!  Enjoy nostalgic yearbook pictures on the Photos page, reminisce about television and outdoor theaters on the TV and Movies pages, or have a look at the Interesting Facts page for an entertaining walk down memory lane.  Then, relive the sounds of the 60's by diving into one of this site's most unique features, the Music page, where you may play and download over 200 songs by over 40 artists from the 1960's!

After the nostalgia wears you out, please visit the Commendations page to see those who contributed to this 1964 revival.  Contact page to add your own photos, bio information, contact information, and maybe even donate a buck or two.  This site and its content can only improve with your input, so please send any tips or suggestions you may have about the site itself.  Email questions about your class to the Administrators or site questions to the Webmaster to have them posted to FAQ page.  Thank you and enjoy!