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Class of 1964


Below is a list of movies that were released ONLY in 1964.  There are almost 400 for that year alone, so it would be exhausting to list the entire decade (as on the Music page).    The list is quite long, so use the arrow at the right of your screen to zoom back to the top of the page.  Movies with a fuchsia-colored number in parenthesis next to it were in the Top 10 U.S grossing films of that year.  The number denotes its rank in top earnings, and the amount next to it is the amount it grossed in 1964 in the United States only.

To get an idea of what these movies would have grossed today, account for inflation and a host of other factors by multiplying by roughly by seven.  In other words, if the number one grossing movie of that year (Mary Poppins at $102 million) were adjusted for inflation and calculated for today, it would have grossed $714 million.  As a benchmark, the three highest grossing movies in the U.S. for last year (2009) were Avatar at $750 million, the second film in the Transformers franchise at $402 million, and the sixth Harry Potter film at $302 million.  So, to put it in perspective, the 1964 Mary Poppins beat out a 2009 Harry Potter.  Interestingly, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter movies were both centered in or around London, and were originally books written by British authors.  Ironic that in 1964 the U.S. was simultaneously undergoing the "British Invasion."

2000 Maniacs
36 Hours
633 Squadron
7 Faces Of Dr. Lao
7th Dawn, The
90 Degrees In The Shade
Adorable Julia
Advance To The Rear
Affair At Ishcia
All These Women
Americanization Of Emily, The
Anatomy Of A Marriage
Apache Rifles
Arizona Colt
Assassination, The
Atomic Brain, The
Atomic Rulers Of The World
Attack And Retreat
Attack Of The Mushroom People
Back Door To Hell
Balboa: Conquistador Of The Pacific
Ballad in Blue
Ballad Of A Gunfighter
Band Of Outsiders (#9 at $183,000)
Bargee, The
Beauty Jungle, The
Bedtime Story
Before The Revolution
Behold A Pale Horse
Best Man, The
Beverly Hillbillies Go Hollywood
Beverly Hillbillies: Vol. 6
Beware Of The Dog
Bikini Beach
Black Like Me
Black Sabbath
Black Torment
Blood And Black Lace
Blood On The Arrow
Brass Bottle, The
Bristle Face
Broken Sabre
Bullet For A Badman
Carnival Of Crime
Carpetbaggers, The
Carry On Cleo
Carry On, Jack
Castle Of Terror, The
Castle Of The Living Dead
Cave Of The Living Dead
Chalk Garden, The
Challenge Of The Gladiator
Cheyenne Autumn
Children Of The Damned
Circus World
Coast Of Skeletons
Code 7, Victim 5
Comedy Man, The
Comedy Of Terrors, The
Conqueror & The Empress, The
Contest Girl
Copacabana Palace
Crawling Hand, The
Creeping Terror, The
Crooks In Cloisters
Curse Of The Hidden Vault
Curse Of The Living Corpse, The
Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb
Dagora The Space Monster
Dark Purpose
Dead Ringer
Deadwood '76
Dear Heart
Desperate Mission
Devil Doll
Devil-Ship Pirates, The
Diamonds Of The Night
Diary Of A Bachelor
Diary Of A Chambermaid, The
Disorderly Orderly, The
Distant Trumpet, A
Do You Know This Voice?
Dr. Orloff's Monster
Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
Dungeons Of Harrow
East Of Sudan
Eighteen In The Sun
Emil And The Detectives
Empty Canvas, The
Ensign Pulver
Evening With The Royal Ballet, An
Evil Brain From Outer Space
Evil Of Frankenstein, The
Face Of Terror
Fail Safe
Fall Of The Roman Empire, The
Fanfare For A Death Scene
Fate Is The Hunter
Father Came Too
Father Goose
Finest Hours, The
First Men In The Moon
Fistful Of Dollars, A (#5 at $3.5 million)
Five Have A Mystery To Solve
Flesh Eaters, The
Flight From Ashiya
Flipper's New Adventure
For The Love Of Willadean
For Those Who Think Young
Four Days In November
French Dressing
From Hell To Borneo
Gallant One, The
Gate Of Flesh
Get Yourself A College
Giant Of The Evil Island
Girl With Green Eyes
Gladiators Seven
Global Affair, A
Godzilla Vs. Mothra
Godzilla Vs. Mothra Vol II
Godzilla Vs. The Thing
Gold For The Caesars
Golden Arrow, The
Goldfinger (#3 at $51.1 million)
Goliath At The Conquest Of Damascus
Good Neighbor Sam
Goodbye Charlie
Gorgon, The
Gospel According To St. Matthew, The
Great Armored Car Swindle, The
Guerrillas In Pink Lace
Gunfight At Comanche Creek
Gunfighters Of Casa Grande
Guns At Batasi
Guns Of August
Guns Of Diablo
Hanged Man, The
Hard Day's Night, A (#8 at $1 million)
Have I The Right To Kill?
He Rides Tall
Hercules Against The Moon Men
Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon
Hercules, Prisoner Of Evil
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
Honeymoon Hotel
Honeymoon Of Horror
Horror Of It All, The
Horror Of Party Beach, The
House Is Not A Home, A
How To Succeed With Girls
Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte
I Am Cuba (#10 at $161,000)
I Eat Your Skin
I'd Rather Be Rich
Incredible Mr. Limpet, The
Incredibly Strange Creatures Who...Became Mixed-Up Zombies, The!!?
Indian Paint
Insect Woman
Invincible Gladiators, The
Invitation To A Gunfighter
Iron Angel
Island Affair
Island Of The Blue Dolphins
It Happened Here
Italiano Brava Gente
Jack Benny: Income Tax/Son
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
Jolly Bad Fellow, A
Joy House
Killers, The
King And Country
Kiss Me, Stupid
Kisses For My President
Kissin' Cousins (#7 at $2.8 million)
Kitten With A Whip
Ladies Who Do
Lady In A Cage
Lassie: Look Homeward
Last Man On Earth, The
Law Of The Lawless
Les Dames Du Bois Boulogne
Light Fantastic, The
Little Prince And Eight-Headed Dragon
Live It Up
Lively Set, The
Long Ships, The
Looking For Love
Los Tarantos
Love Meetings
Love With The Proper Stranger
Loving Couples
Luck Of Ginger, The
Magoo At Sea
Magoo In The King's Service
Mail Order Bride
Man From Nowhere, The
Man From U.n.c.l.e.
Man In The Middle
Man On The Run
Man With Two Faces
Man's Favorite Sport? Rock
Marriage Italian Style
Mars Needs Women
Mary Poppins (#1 at $102 million)
Masque Of The Red Death, The
McHale's Navy
MGM's Big Parade Of Comedy
Mighty Jungle, The
Million Dollar Collar
Misadventures Of Merlin Jones, The
Monocle, The
Moon-Spinners, The
Most Unusual Woman, A
Mr. Magoo In Sherwood Forest
Mr. Magoo's Favorite Heroes
Mr. Magoo's Storybook
Mr. Magoo, Man Of Mystery
Mr. Magoo: 3 Muskateers
Mr. Magoo: Cyrano De Bergerac
Mr. Magoo: Don Quixote
Mr. Magoo: King Arthur
Mr. Magoo: Man Of Mystery
Mr. Magoo: Snow White
Murder Ahoy
Muscle Beach Party
My Fair Lady (#2 at $72 million)
Naked Kiss, The
Nasty Rabbit, The
Nefertite, Queen Of The Nile
Never Put It In Writing
New Interns, The
Night Must Fall
Night Of The Iguana, The
Night Train To Paris
Night Walker, The
Nightmare In Chicago
Nobody Waved Goodbye
Nothing But The Best
Of Human Bondage
One Man's Way
One Potato, Two Potato
Only One New York
Outer Limits: Bellero Shield, The
Outer Limits: Chameleon
Outer Limits: Cold Hands, Warm
Outer Limits: Controlled Experiment
Outer Limits: Cry Of Silence
Outer Limits: Demon With...hand
Outer Limits: Don't...doomsday
Outer Limits: Duplicate Man, The
Outer Limits: Expanding Human
Outer Limits: Fun & Games
Outer Limits: Guest
Outer Limits: I, Robot
Outer Limits: Inheritors
Outer Limits: Invisible Enemy
Outer Limits: Invisibles
Outer Limits: Mutant
Outer Limits: Purple Twilights
Outer Limits: Special One
Outer Limits: Specimen Unknown
Outer Limits: Strange Particles
Outer Limits: Things Unknown
Outer Limits: Wolf 359
Outrage, The
Pajama Party
Paris When It Sizzles
Passport To Hell
Patsy, The
Pink Panther, The
Pirates Of The Seven Seas
Place To Go, A
Pleasure Seekers, The
Plisetskaya Dances
Psyche '59
Pumpkin Eater, The
Quick Gun
Quick! Before It Melts
Raiders From Beneath The Sea
Rattle Of A Simple Man
Raven's End
Rebel In The Ring
Red Desert
Return Of The Conqueror
Return To Oz
Revenge Of The Musketeers
Revolt Of The Barbarians
Ride The Wild Surf
Rio Conchos
Robin And The Seven Hoods
Robinson Crusoe On Mars
Room 13
Roustabout (#6 at $3 million)
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Sandokan The Great
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
Seance On A Wet Afternoon
Secret Door, The
Secret Invasion, The
Seduced And Abandoned
See How They Run
Send Me No Flowers
Seven Days In May
Sex And The Single Girl
Shell Shock Beach
Shock Treatment
Shoot To Kill
Shot In The Dark, A
Sicilians, The
Sing And Swing
Soft Skin, The
Sound Of Horror
Spies A-Go-Go
Spy Catcher
Stage To Thunder Rock
Station Six-Sahara
Stop Train 349
Strange Bedfellows Rock Hudson
Stranger From Hong Kong
Strangler, The
Swamp Of The Lost Monster
Santos The System
T.A.M.I. Show, The
Teenage Strangler
Terror In The Crypt Christopher Lee
That Man From Rio
Thin Red Line, The
Third Secret, The
Those Calloways
Three Lives Of Thomasina, The
Three Nuts In Search Of A Bolt
Three Sisters
Tiger Of The Seven Seas
Tiger Walks, A
Time Of Indifference
Time Travelers
Tintin And The Calculus Affair
Tomorrow At Ten
Torpedo Bay
Train, The
Triumph Of Hercules, The
Triumph Of The Ten Gladiators
Troublemaker, The
Twilight Zone: Vol. 10
Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, The
Une Femme
Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Verdict, The
Violent Patriot, The
Visit, The
Viva Las Vegas (#4 at $4.67 million)
What A Way To Go!
What's Up Front
Where Love Has Gone
Wild And Wonderful
Wizard Of Mars, The
Woman In The Dunes
Woman Of Straw
Woman Who Came From The Sea Dawn, The
World Of Henry Orient, The
World Without Sun
Yank In Vietnam, A
Yellow Teddybears, The
Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
Young Detective, The
Young Lovers, The
Youngblood Hawke
Your Cheatin' Heart
Zatoichi: The Adventures Of Zatoichi Zombies
Zorba The Greek