Portage High School

Class of 1964


Prepare to be transported back to your high school years with this small collection of music from when music really was music.  You could hear it, you could dance to it, and you could understand the lyrics...none of which were profane (what do these kids listen to nowadays)?!?

Like the school song playing on the opening page?  Click Intro to return to that page.  You may also play two different formats of the school song by clicking MIDI or MP3.  "MIDI" is the electronic version played on the intro page and "MP3" is the actual band version.

All songs below are in MP3 format and were released during the 1950's and 1960's.  Songs with a fuchsia-colored number in parenthesis next to it reached the Billboard Top 10 at some point in 1964.  The number denotes the position it reached (this is ONLY for the year 1964, and is far from a complete collection).  All music comes complete with ID3 tagging and album cover art when available.  The list is quite long, so use the arrow at the right of your screen to zoom back to the top of the page.

There is also compilation of popular hits pre-loaded into a stand-alone jukebox just below.  The songs will play in order automatically, or you may click on any of them to jump around.  Drag the grey block up and down the left bar to see the whole list.  As of January 14, 2011 there are 48 songs by 19 different artists from that era's U.S. Billboard top 100 pre-loaded into the jukebox. 

You may also listen to any one of the individual songs listed on the rest of the page simply by clicking on it.  A separate, small window will open with a Quicktime music player in it.  Just close that window when you are finished playing the song.  Please do not leave the jukebox below running unattended, and do not operate the stand-alone player and the Quicktime player at the same time.  As of January 14, 2011 there are 541 titles by 46 different artists from which to choose. 

For your browsing convenience, the entire collection is listed alphabetically by artist.  Each artist's song titles are listed alphabetically under that artist's heading.  Warning: the "jukebox" music will always play, however, the "listed" music may not play without a browser "media plug-in."  If you don't have QuickTime (the browser media plug-in) and did not install this QuickTime plug-in from the intro page, please do it now.  Click here to install the QuickTime plug-in.

You may listen, but due to copyright law, downloading is not permitted.  Please feel free to email from the Contact page any songs you would like to see added.  (You must email the ACTUAL song, not just a suggestion).  If it was released during the era, it will be added to the line-up immediately.  Enjoy!